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Use our simple calculator to determine how much WPC can save your dealership or auto group. Our number one priority is providing our clients with exceptional service at a cost effective rate the trickles directly to their bottom line. Top Tier service, bottom line rates.

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Monthly In-House Costs

This is the monthly amount that you pay for in-house warranty processing.  Please use the gross monthly salary, rounded up to the nearest whole dollar.  Example: 1000 for $1000 (please exclude $)

Monthly Cost for Using WPC

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Basic Claims Processing and Quality Assurance
Services to be performed by WPC: *

  • We will date track all tickets indicating the date received, date paid, date returned to dealer for additional information, and date returned to dealer paid.
  • We will review all incoming closed claims for compliance with manufacturer’s policy and procedures, checking such items as outlined on WPC’s “audit alert” tag. We will notify dealer of violations of policy and procedures.
  • We will submit the claims to the manufacturer and correct errors.
  • We will account for discrepancies in payment and fill out adjustment sheets to document differences in payment.
  • We will diligently maximize the return on each ticket, only to the extent that the amount is actually due to the dealer with regard to manufacturer’s policy and procedures.
  • We will track receivables on a “worked up” warranty receivables schedule, noting tickets that have not yet been received by WPC, and items that have been paid but discrepancies have not been addressed, debits, etc. Schedules must be provided to WPC on a timely basis to adequately account for and process your warranty claims!
  • We will communicate all status and concerns regarding warranty claims to upper management via WPC monthly report.
  • We will provide training to assist service management for advisors and technicians as requested, (see dealer agreement for compensation).

Quality Assurance and Booking
Services performed include all of Plan A, in addition to: *

  • We will dial into your system from our location and bill claims that have labor operations on the hard copy.
  • We will book tickets and close to accounting.

Full Service Warranty Administration and Quality Assurance
Services performed include all of Plan A & B, in addition to: *

  • We will assign labor operations to the ticket based upon the listed technical comments and flag accordingly. This category is designed to provide the ultimate in a full service warranty department.