Automotive Groups

Have you acquired a store with warranty problems?


Are you just looking to keep up with the technological advancements that make consolidation such a cost effective solution?

WPC can spend time with you discussing the many options you have as an automotive group.

Our monthly manager’s summary reports, training and personal account set up will allow you to rest assured that your warranty is being handled with conscious precision.

Why claim centralization?

The way of the auto industry is acquisition and consolidation. More and more dealerships are falling under the umbrella of corporate ownership. Most corporations are concerned with efficiency and profitability. Warranty claims centralization achieves both of these objectives.


All claims from any dealership in the country come to one central location, with one account representative supervising our various administrators.

One standardized way of handling the account for all dealerships.

One form for getting information regarding warranty procedure to the dealership management and the same form for the corporate management.

A proactive approach to addressing variations in manufacturer’s policies and procedures before it has the opportunity to grow into an audit situation with the manufacturer.


If there are 10 dealerships in the group, there could be 10 to 15 people handling claims, with 10 to 15 salaries, matching FICA and medicare expenses. There would be 10 to 15 vacations, benefit packages, and turnover/training expenses.

Manufacturers are working hard to lower corporate warranty expense. In house staff, once hired expects regular reviews with the hopes of regular pay increases. So you have decreasing warranty revenue with increasing salaries as time continues.

WPC charges on a commission structure. If warranty receivables go down over time, our net billings are tied to dealer revenues.