Warranty Claims
Processing Service Plans

Choose One of Our Service Plans to Achieve the Maximum Return From Your Warranty Claims.

Warranty Claims Processing Service Plans

Plan A

Plan B

Plan C

Basic claims processing and quality assurance
Quality assurance and booking
Full service warranty administration and quality assurance

Warranty Claims Processing Service Plans

Plan A

Basic claims processing and quality assurance

Plan B

Quality assurance and booking

Plan C

Full service warranty administration and quality assurance
Time & date track tickets received, paid, and returned
Warranty and audit compliance review
Claim submission and corrections to the manufacturer
Payment reconcilation and adjustments
Maximize the return following the P&P
Track and “work up” the warranty receivables schedule
Monthly reporting to management
WPC training to assist managers, advisors and technicians
Book the tickets and close to accounting
Assign the labor operations codes and flag technicians
You can always change the Plan

With Warranty Claims processing Services You WilL

business woman

Get warranty expenses under control with full scrutiny


Leave the complicated work to our experts


Get receivables processed timely and recapture aged money

In-House Warranty Management

Salary + bonus + FICA + healthcare = high cost regardless of warranty volume. This cost will never go down.

Vacation planning, sick day coverage, training & education vs on-the-job mistakes all expend valuable management resource.

Your admin has a finite capacity. Business growth &/or adding stores will mean new hire(s) with even more cost and management.

“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.

Costs are many and high, including acquisition time, effort, onboarding, and training.

girl in car In-House Warranty Management

Warranty Claims Management Service

You only pay for the warranty volume collected. And the cost per dollar decreases as the volume goes up.

We take care of all planning and management, ensuring constant, year-round, warranty coverage.

From $10,000 to $1,000,000 and beyond, we have you covered, every week, year-round.

One claim, or many claims; we will have all complete claims submitted to the manufacturer within 24hr of receipt.

We manage our workforce so you don’t have to. We’ve been doing this since 1986, and we’ve become exceptional at it.

man in office Warranty Claims Management Service

Do you need help with choosing your warranty claims management plan?


Warranty claims Processing FAQ

Yes, we audit all repair orders for compliance and accuracy, which we stand by with a work guarantee.

Provided all information is complete and accurate, warranty claims are processed within 24 hours, and rejected claims are resubmitted within 48 hours.

A daily spreadsheet of all problem claims will be sent detailing any deficiencies and requesting the appropriate remediating action. You always have a current view of what is needed.

Yes, we work a schedule and provide a comprehensive monthly summary of outstanding schedule dollars and claims issues.

Yes, some dealers prefer us to post to the schedule. Some dealers want us to work up the accounting adjustments and have them approved by the dealership before posting.

Some dealers prefer to keep those functions in-house. It’s your choice and there is no additional cost for this service.

We can and the choice is yours. Some dealers would like us to work directly with the automotive manufacturer representative and keep them included in the communication.

Other dealers would like us to put all the information together for them regarding warranty claim issues so that they can connect with the rep themselves.

WPC Is Referred By Manufacturer Reps And 3rd Party Vendors All Over The Country For The Outstanding Service

I can’t believe how easy this process is!

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Charles Barnette – Service Manager
Land Rover Knoxville

Thank You for the dedicated work as I see nothing pending.  Awesome Job!

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Ryan Koenig – Service Manager
TYNAN’S Nissan/Kia

You’ve done a great job, and have been great to work with!

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Jeff Gehman – Service Manager/Parts and Service Director
Keller Bros. Ford

Thank you for being such a diligent part of our team!

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Jenna Morales Oliverio – Controller
Cardinale GMC