Warranty Processing Co. Inc. is a complete manufacturer’s warranty claims management system. Allow me to suggest three reasons why you should consider our system:

Money to you!

Our highly trained staff reviews each claim to assure that you receive every dollar you are entitled to. We talk to many dealers that insist that their in-house warranty processing is running smoothly; however, upon closer examination, they are only getting 70% to 80% of the dollars they are due when compared to the region.

Efficient use of your warranty dollar!

If you are a smaller dealer, your Service Manager or Office Manager is probably processing claims. Processing claims shifts their focus and time away from what you really hired them to do, and it is also difficult for your personnel to keep up with all the changes coming from the manufacturer. WPC provides a cost effective way to have highly trained personnel maximize your warranty dollar without staffing expenses.

If you are a multi-line dealer, centralization of claims management with progress reports stemming from one location can save labor dollars. This is generally more effective than having personnel in several locations. Centralization can increase efficiency. In addition, by having one account representative, WPC is able to offer management reports, and additional tools to better monitor department operations. We are highly trained in all of the manufacturers’ warranty lines we service. We do not get sick, take vacations, have personal time off, need benefits, or require matching FICA and MEDICARE.

Since our entire focus is on warranty, WPC can literally become an entire warranty department. From assignment of labor operation codes, to billing, to accounting…we are capable of handling it all.


Our work is guaranteed. If a claim loss is directly related to negligence of our system, we buy the claim. We are insured against loss of documentation for $1,500,000. We have daily and monthly status forms for document follow up. Allow WPC to prove to you that we are the nations leader in manufacturers warranty claims management.